Obama Wars on Oaksterdam

The Bizarre in Bas Relief: Feds Raid Medical Cannabis Patient while 7 Die in Shooting Spree Just Miles Away 040412


The First American Civil War began when 11 states declared their secession from the feds.  Currently 18 states are considering laws which would liberalize cannabis recreational or medical use.  Some of those states already have legalized medical cannabis infrastructure in place and are clarifying or broadening those laws.


Federal cops, assisted by their little local cop buddies, have raided the 5 facilities of Oaksterdam University, including raiding the one bedroom apartment of its wheelchair bound founder, Richard Lee.  Oaksterdam was California’s first marijuana college, established in 2007 and offering classes in cannabis propagation and processing and in medical cannabis law.  There are countless photos on the web, showing big brave cops hauling booty away from Oaksterdam’s facilities. They didn’t accomplish much, but Richard Lee was a leader in cannabis legalization, and like all jackbooted thugs, they were there to teach a lesson about submission.  The agents, according to some accounts ,were masked, with jackhammers and sledgehammers in addition to automatic weapons, and attacked what many consider to be an important icon of the legitimization of cannabis in California.

At about the same time as Lee’s apartment was being ransacked by cops a lunatic was killing seven people a few miles away at a Christian school.

On the one hand, it is unrealistic to suggest that if the cops were busting harmless med can growers they might have saved some lives at the college.  It simply isn’t so that we can have a cop in every classroom, that’s a society more cruel and strange than an occasional nutcase gunning down some people. 

Nonetheless, it does highlight very clearly that the unprincipled federal attack on state cannabis patients is a waste of time and social resources.

Meanwhile, as the federal big shots came and went, medical marijuana patients stood on the side lines, smoking pot, singing, and chanting “DEA, Go Away” according to sources like Huffington Post.

By attacking an institution of learning, the feds are attempting to strike at the culture of cannabis, not merely following the law.


“I've seen in California that there are not enough good people who want to work in the cannabis industry in a professional way, who want to pay taxes and obey regulations and help improve their community.”  Richard Lee, in 2008 on why he founded Oaksterdam University



The corruption of justice this raid represents has, not surprisingly, angered many people, and demonstrations have sprung up.  Even more importantly, the issue has hit Facebook.


Good luck, and special luck to you, federal goons.



Oaksterdam’s current notice to students




Legal: Federal Vs State Law
An important introduction to the legal issues surrounding medical cannabis and the cannabis industry. Learn about the laws that govern cannabis distribution, cultivation, possession, and consumption for adults and medical patients. Have your questions answered by prominent cannabis lawyers. What's the difference between state & federal law and what does that mean for you? Learn how to behave safely and responsibly under California Law. (5501)

Politics & History
All students will get a detailed overview of the politics and history surrounding cannabis, historically referred to as hemp or marihuana. This course covers the political history of cannabis, as well as important legal decisions that affect the industry today. Did you know that the U.S. Federal Government created a program in the early '80s to distribute cannabis for medicinal use? Learn more about this and other historical events while getting the latest information on current court cases and legislative decisions that can affect you. (5101)

Civics: Legal Rights & Responsibilities
What is a qualified patient and how do you become one? What are your rights under the law? How do you exercise your rights to navigate police encounters successfully? Learn your civic rights and responsibilities to positively contribute to our community and the cannabis industry. (5301)


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