New Year's Ponderings


Ponderings on the New Year from the Dissenting Editor

The Fringe guy asked me if there were any ponderings I wanted to talk about in the second anniversary of SCP and the 1st edition of 2011.  Sure, I have ponderings.

I have pondered on some of the arguments Fringe and I have had this year. They have been vicious and hurtful at times but somehow we always come out the other side good friends, secure in our ability to say whatever needs saying to each other about how wrong they are and how right we are and amazingly sometimes we even learn from each other, mostly about ourselves. It causes introspection and examining what we hold important to ourselves and why we do.

I’m worried about the future, not mine so much as my grandchildren. Things are changing rapidly, worldwide, and who knows where the next big bang will come. I use the word bang as any kind of event. A massive volcano erupts, a meteor strikes, a worldwide drought, too hot, too cold, someone unleashes the bomb, or maybe we will just stumble along another 50 years and my grandchildren will be worrying about their grandchildren.  Who knows?

I’m happy Jerry Brown is Governor, it isn’t going to be pretty but I think the State of California will be more economically stable in four years. I’m glad President Obama is in office, even though I would have preferred Hillary Clinton, he’s doing a fine job.

My family is in good shape. I believe they are all making a decent living doing what they enjoy. I am good too, my health is stable, I live in a great place, have wonderful friends, three cats with issues and a dog who likes me. There are many things in my life to be happy about and I am.

Let’s hope 2011 is no worse and much better than 2010. Happy New Year, have fun and be safe.

The Dissenter
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