NORTHERN SIERRA AIR QUALITY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT                       Gretchen Bennitt, Executive Director

For Immediate Release:

The Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District is developing a Particulate Matter Reduction Plan for Loyalton.  
Readers will recall that last May the Board met in Loyalton to discuss a plan to reduce particulate matter.  There were complaints of black particulate matter.

At that meeting the possible sources of particulate matter were discussed, including woodstoves, the cogen plant, road dust, field dust, automobile exhaust and others.
The Air District has notified the county that the drafting of a plan to identify and reduce particulate matter is underway.  The Sierra Pacific  Cogen Plant, on the outskirts of Loyalton, is working with the NSAQMD on the plan.
The draft will be available on November 12, and the Board will consider the plan on November 22.

The Plan is being developed in response to Loyalton resident air quality concerns, specifically, particulate matter.  The Air District initially received comments from Loyalton residents during a May 3 Air District Board of Director's meeting, is currently investigating all sources of particulate matter in Loyalton and has begun drafting the Plan. The Air District is writing the plan in coordination with Sierra Pacific Industries, owner of a large cogeneration facility just outside of town.  
The Draft Loyalton Particulate Matter Reduction Plan will be available for review on November 12, 2010 on the District’s website at www.myairdistrict.com.  
Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District’s Board of Directors will be holding a board meeting in Loyalton on November 22, 2010 to consider adoption of the Loyalton Particulate Matter Reduction Plan.     
The Air District has made some preliminary documents available on their website at www.myairdistrict.com
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