More on De Big Raid

More on de Big Raid 091411

 Press release from Sierra County Sheriff’s Office:

Ten Thousand Illegal Marijuana Plants Eradicated, Area of Sattley

Incident: # 11-01542


For more information, contact:

Sheriff John Evans

(530) 289-3700

On Wednesday September 7th, 2011 the sheriff’s office conducted a large marijuana eradication operation in Sierra County on the eastern slope of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains chain. Our sheriff’s office was assisted by several allied agencies including; Sierra County Probation Department, Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, Truckee Police Department, California Department of Fish and Game, California Department of Justice CAMP (Campaign Against Marijuana Program) Team, and the United States Forest Service.

The operation took place on the south/western rim of the Sierra Valley along the Highway 49 corridor in a forested area. Three large grow areas were located on public lands closely bordering several private family lands and homes. Law enforcement eradicated some 10,569 marijuana plants from the three grow sites. The illegally grown for commercial profit marijuana was hauled from the grow sites using the DOJ CAMP helicopter and disposed of.

Evidence located in the grow sites suggest all three grow areas were under the control of one D.T.O. (Drug Trafficking Organization). No suspects were located in the grow sites, and no arrests were made during the operation.

The sheriff’s office is committed to keeping all public and private lands within the county safe for our residents and visitors, and we continue to make every effort to avoid Sierra County from becoming known as “friendly” to illegal and often armed D.T.O. operations. This refers to organized criminals who use the illegally grown bulk marijuana for illegal sales for profit. This does not refer to individuals who grow deemed legal medicinal marijuana and follow the State’s Compassionate Use Act of 1996 for medicinal marijuana. No one should be afraid to visit into our forests while hiking, hunting, mining fishing, etcetera, and fear being confronted by an armed guard of a large illegal marijuana garden. This especially includes residents whose property abuts up to the forests or is being used by such organizations without their knowledge. Anyone with suspect information is requested to call the sheriff’s office at the main Downieville number of (530) 289-3700, the Sierra Valley Substation in Loyalton at (530) 993-4479 or the toll free confidential number received only by the sheriff at (888) 2-SHERIFF (888-274-3743).


Photo by Stabo

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