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Rolling all the Money into One Position 070311

The Fringe Speaks Out in Favor of Separation of Authority


Stephanie Levings, the County Treasurer-Tax Collector is reportedly retiring.  There is a move afoot in the Halls of Power in Downieville to roll the Treasurer-Tax Collector and the Auditor into one extra-large money handling office, perhaps called the “director of finance “ or “chancellor of the exchequer” or maybe “County Money Boss.”  We are steadfastly against it.


We recognize that it is done in other California counties; we simply don’t think it’s a great idea.  It has nothing to do with Van Maddox, our current Auditor.  Mr. Maddox is a right smart guy.  It’s something else entirely.


Let it be said, though, that if Mr. Maddox doesn’t have enough to fill his time now, let’s redefine his position to half time.  Likewise, if, on retiring,  Stephanie Levings reveals that her job is not full time, let’s reduce that position to half time.  Likewise, if there is staff to spare in either department, reduce their hours.  Likely neither Van Maddox nor Stephanie Levings will profess to have too much time on their hands, or too many staff.


Treasurer-Tax Collector and Auditor are elected positions.   Personally, I can see the advantage of having two people who can add and subtract in the court house.  There’s a redundancy factor, and there’s a check and balance factor.  Rolling those two heads in to one big head doesn’t have the same benefit.


The Supervisors will likely be entranced by the dollar savings.  Again, if there isn’t enough work for two full time jobs, reduce them to half time and save money that way.  Smearing the responsibility of two jobs over one person and then assigning a staff member to do the job the T-TC was doing for less money isn’t fair to staff, nor to the electorate.


At the very least, let the Supervisors convince the voters, who, after all, elected Ms. Levings to her position. 


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