Messenger Takeover
Children, upon learning to read, stage take-over of Mountain Messenger Newspaper
A group of children forced their way past guards and electric fences to take and hold the offices of a local dead tree news outlet.  They nailed their demands to the door of the office, and then pushed their way inside to demand that Editor Don Russell learn to use Spell Check, or at least read stuff over.

A deeply shocked Don Russell calls for help.
OK, OK, that didn't happen, although perhaps it will someday.  Instead the youngsters in the photo are having a visit with "Uncle Don" Russell. 
Downieville Summer Rec Kids got a tour of the Mountain Messenger and a brief "bitter lessons I've learned" talk from Editor Russell.  Maddy Lang age 13, Margo Lang, 7; Connor White, 5; Mason Pangman, 7 ;  Jordan Foster 5. The tour was arranged by Jax Jacona and Maggie Rust as part of their program introducing children to future professions, or in this instance, an introduction to the way people used to get their news.
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