Meg and Jerry Again

Third Gubernatorial Debate 101310
The Fringe Tries To Care
Caution: Foul Language and Acute Frustration

Meg Versus Jerry 3
I didn’t watch it.  I’d hoped to catch the highlights on YouTube, but nobody cared enough to put anything up.  
Meg met Jerry and Brokaw presided. From the blogosphere I gather the highlights were this, keeping in mind this is paraphrased and subject to conceptual interpretations and chronological misalignments:

Jerry:  I’m sorry we told everyone you’re a whore.  It was a private conversation.
Meg:  You idiot, whores screw for money, do you think I need the money?
Jerry:  I said I was sorry, it was inappropriate.
Meg:  On behalf of all women in California who don’t have to prostitute, I’m offended.
Jerry:  Right, you don’t need the money, can we simply call you a slut?  Didn’t you call congress “whores”?
Meg:  That was different somehow.  You’re soft on crime, that’s why cops love me.
Jerry: You would personally benefit, as all wealthy people will benefit, if your tax cuts are implemented, wouldn’t you?  You’d benefit at the expense of schools.
Meg: I am not a whore, did I cover that?
Brokaw: Why are you just now buying your way into politics when you haven’t voted for most of the last 20 years you’ve been in California?
Meg: Whores make money having sex, I make my money by creating jobs.

Apparently it went on like that for awhile before it finally petered out altogether.  

Observers think Meg got more clapping than Jerry, but Jerry’s still ahead in the polls and is likely to stay there.  Meg has spent more than $120 million on her own campaign and is spending more every day, but assures us she’s a skilled investor, and clearly intends to make money on being governor.  As a billionaire, she could save that much by slashing capital gains taxes, as she said she would, particularly if the economic forecasts are right and California’s economy begins to come alive in the next three years.  If Republicans gain traction politically they’ll start to pour concrete at any cost, and those who still have money to invest should do well.  It will take several more years before the capital gains tax can be reinstated, during which time Meg will, as they say, “make cake”.  

Further, a quick scan of the job description for governor doesn’t include “creating jobs”.   There were many causes for the crash, most of them national and international.  California had a badly inflated housing market and so when the crash came most places in California experienced the downturn more than other states.  The global economy is still very slow, and California is a global economy.  It is extremely unlikely any governor can do more than chase the wrinkle around the carpet.  Meg wants to chase it in one direction right away; Jerry wants to be patient and stay on course until the global economy improves and California’s housing market realigns.  Meg has no idea of how to apportion government money for things like health care and schools, she simply wants to get the economy started.  She wants to cut regulation, which we can all agree on to some degree, but it is unlikely she can do very much, since much state regulation is a result of dependence of Federal money.  CEQA is a general shadowing of NEPA, though CEQA does have more “teeth”; still, there is not much the governor could do to deregulate businesses.  Nor should job creation be the primary goal, or even a goal, of government.  Our government is not reliant on capitalism the way the Soviet Union was reliant on communism.  Yet.  

Frankly, neither of these candidates are going to represent me.  Both will increase state control over water and watersheds.  Meg’s a control freak and Jerry’s been a cop for several years, so both will increase law enforcement, and drive our fear of each other and the belief we can’t protect ourselves.   I can’t imagine either will make the lives of local people better.

Still, I’m going to call the race for Jerry.  The Independents are going to decide this race, and in the end I think they’ll balk at the fact that Meg is her own biggest supporter.  Jerry Brown has one very powerful advantage over Meg Whitman: he’s the evil we know.  

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