Republican State Senator Abel Maldonado has been chosen by the Governor to fill the Lt. Governor’s seat. The seat was vacated when John Garamendi was elected to the U.S. House. The Governator announced his choice for the state’s second in command in the hallowed halls of the Jay Leno Show.

Maldonado, from his site
Maldonado was born in the U.S. to Mexican immigrant parents. He spent his early years working in the fields, much like the fields he now owns. Probably his most significant quote is "We came from beans, we can go back to beans,"

Maldonado is the success story Americans love, going from poverty to plenty. It’s pretty clear that he hasn’t forgotten the lessons of struggle.

The senator was nearly defrocked by the Republican party when he defected and voted for Schwarzenegger’s budget. As a result of that move, Arnold praised him and deemed him "post-partisan."

The appointment must still be approved by the California Legislature, but problems seem unlikely due Maldonado’s excellent "pro fence sitting" skills.

There is a nice article on Maldonado HERE

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