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Made in Sierra County

We’ve made this page to showcase, on the internet, things that are made in Sierra County. If you have something Made in Sierra County, give us a call or email

One of the first problems we’ve encountered: people make some pretty neat things in their homes, but they are afraid to market because they don’t have a business license.

We can’t advise you, except to provide a little information.

  1. You don’t need a business license in Sierra County, but you might in Loyalton.
  2. You do have to send tax money to the Franchise Tax Board. You might need a "seller’s permit".
  3. You can’t have actual employees without doing tax paperwork.
  4. Even in your home, you can’t do things with hazardous or dangerous materials without following environmental and health laws.
  5. You probably don’t need a license for most things you make in your home, though the item you make might still have to meet specifications (for example, food items, or controlled things like guns or drugs).
  6. It is a problem if people come to your house, or if you make a lot of noise or dust doing what you are doing. There may be planning considerations.

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