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Loyalton Pool

Don Yegge, representing Friends of Loyalton Pool, was present at the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, 2 February, 2010.

The pool closed seven years ago, yet it is still sorely missed. If it were open, it would be a resource to the City, and certainly to the people who would use it.

The problem, as always these days, is money.

If there were one large, complication free pot of money available, the pool would be open as soon as possible. That isn’t the case.

The Friends of Loyalton have pulled together a number of sources and potential sources to open and run the pool. Together, they are not enough money, there would still be tax money necessary.

Part of the problem is the way the finances are tallied: the Friends are not allowed to include gate fees, money users would pay, because such funds do not yet actually exist; still they will exist.

The Friends, by some accounts, were closer to a pool two years ago. At that time, the economy was not as bad as it is now, and there was a greater willingness to assume tax liability to keep a resource like the pool open.

The group did research, and had help from many sources, because at heart by far most people on the East side want the pool open, even if they might not use it.

But, the figures quoted per parcel then might not be enough now, and there is a decreased willingness to accept the new fee.

The Board of Supervisors struggled with the issue, asking questions of Mr. Yegge, making suggestions. It would have required that the Supervisors set it before the people; the last day to do that would have been March 12. All of the Supervisors were supportive of Loyalton having a pool, with District 2 Supervisor Peter Huebner dedicating money from his funds to the task.

The issue hung, though, on the fact that costs were figured on a 12 month basis, and there is no way to figure income which, after all, might not appear. The funders of the many pots of money, most with strings, just wouldn’t stretch, and the voters are simply not likely to approve by a 2/3 majority, another fee.

Don Yegge stood at the podium. He and the Friends had discussed the matter, and they realize a large fee hike at this time simply wouldn’t pass. For all the months and years of work on the project, with all the effort Mr. Yegge and the others had invested, he was calm and very pragmatic as he told the supervisors there is little point in going on with this plan.

This is not to write the pool off. It is possible the City needs to somehow re-commission the current facility; either way, an outdoor pool is cheaper and easier to support. It might be that not too far off Loyalton might see a new pool.

Thanks to the Friends of the Loyalton Pool for their hard work, and realistic view.

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