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Loyalton Cannabis Coop

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Green alternative finds favor: Loyalton new Medicannabis Mecca?

A few weeks ago the fringe editor declared himself king for a day of Loyalton and annexed the "Business park" and started growing medical cannabis.

To be honest, we thought we’d generate some heat over the issue, but this was not to be.

Indeed, in informal polling of about 20 residents scattered around the valley, there was either indifference or outright support. Why should Arcata and Oakland make all the money?

What, then, would stop Loyalton from getting it’s act together to create zoning and infrastructure (a tall, strong fence) and actually invite medical cannabis producers in to grow and sell to Nevadans with California prescriptions? The prescriptions don’t necessarily protect Nevadans from arrest in Nevada (not our problem) but it does allow them to purchase clean cannabis of a known strength from someone who is not a criminal.

It would create jobs as cannabis manicurists, security guards, and office workers.

Go HERE to see a draft ordinance for Nevada City in the Union ( the who?). 

Hurry, Loyalton, Hurry! If nothing else, it’s fair historical retribution for making Loyalton a dry town!

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