Loyalton Appointee

New mover and shaper in Loyalton

Betty Ferguson is sworn in as new City Councilperson

Bedrock Loyaltonian Betty Ferguson stepped up to the plate and took a turn at bat on the Loyalton City Council recently. The seat was vacated when Chris Alexander stepped down; he served from 2006 to 2009. Betty will fill the seat until 2012.

We contacted Councilperson Ferguson for her plans for the city. She was optimistic, but realistic. "For right now, we want to keep the City alive," she said, acknowledging that hard economic times hit small towns the hardest. "There are some challenges, but Loyalton has proven itself before."

When ask why she would want to be on the City Council now, of all times she said, "I’ve lived here my whole life. Now is when they need someone, and I’m going to do it."

Our reporter skillfully brought up the problems facing the City, County, State and Nation, the poor economy, the threat of Chinese ownership of critical national infrastructure, the possible closure of the State of California. Councilperson Ferguson just chuckled, "we’ll do what needs to be done."

Some people just can’t be discouraged.



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