Local Rx for County Folk

Prescription for better service!

County Supervisor Peter Huebner has worked out the details to allow Sierra County employees who use county insurance for prescriptions to purchase them from our local pharmacy. Supervisor Huebner is the California State Association of Counties Excess Insurance Authority (CSAC-EIA) executive committee president this year. Peter told the Prospect, "We used to use another pharmacy but we worked it out so that we can use E.J. Peeler’s pharmacy in Loyalton. I worked with Van Maddox and other county people and we went to CSAC EIA. I made it a priority to make it possible for county workers to use our Loyalton Pharmacy.

The deal will keep thousands of County worker prescription dollars in the county, where they belong.

Huebner touted the Loyalton Pharmacy: "It works great. I just make my order, and they put it in the mail. Usually I get the prescription the same day it’s mailed."

In a telephone interview, EJ Peeler, owner and pharmacist expressed her commitment to serving county workers and all local people. "We provide automatic refills, confidential billing, and County employees make only 1 copay a month. There is no postage billing. Best of all, you’ll speak to a real pharmacist if you have questions, not a machine. There is also the advantage of trading locally. Call the pharmacy at 993-4343 and we’ll take care of prescription transfers."

There are recognized benefits to a small pharmacy. One of the most important is the fact that a good pharmacist can save your life. Turns out there are things a pharmacist knows about drugs that no one else does, and having a "personal" pharmacist can reduce the chances of drug overdose or incompatibility.

There’s another benefit: privacy. Today, your medical information is worth money, a lot of companies gather this kind of "intelligence", usually taking the huge databases of the major drug outlets. A local pharmacy might well be less likely to suffer a major security attack; your data might be safer.

Now, thanks to Peter Huebner and E. J. Peeler, county workers can enjoy the benefit of a local full service pharmacy.

Think it doesn’t matter to lose a small, personal pharmacy? Read this:

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