Lament for Miners

Lament on Behalf of the Miners

by Penelope Snow

Bob Dylan once said in a song that he wrote

"The Times they are a changing."

Theyve changed, thats for sure

The times arent what they were

But some changes need rearranging.

A long time ago, Mr. Gifford Pinchot

Coined a term weve all heard, -"conservation"

" for the service of man" was part of his plan,

Their service has become an aberration.

In the 70s we called them green pigs and

They were, but they took it well and with humor

They were part of the town

They lived here, cared, and stayed around

Back when moving away was just rumor

They one day up and left and moved down the road

Jackass Flat is a name that seems fittin

No more is the Forest Service part of the town

And service is not what were gittin.

At best theyre aloof, their presence a spoof

The locals they just seem to hurt

Old miners dont count, theyre just burnin them out

Jack Nixons old mineis just proof.

Bob Stuler is next on their list

And just in case you dont get the gist

It means no more "Bacon and Beans from a Goldpan"

The sad day is here, it has become very clear

Uncle Sam is a Cold S.O. B. man.

A custom and culture forcibly killed

And a superfund probably billed

To pay for their mighty endeavor

They haul it awayand then they say

They feel threatened by us……whatever.

If you pay fees for enjoying the trees

They probably think youre alright

Pay your Sierra Club dues,

And your green stickers too

And theyll pretend youre not in their sights.

The wolverine and the trout,

they still have some clout

And well the animals should

But if you must dwell in the woods

Have a careits understood

Theyre coming to kick you out.

Goodbye old miners.

Watch out woodcutters.

Beware Mountain Bikers.

God Bless.


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