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After Weeks of Recounts: Kamala Harris Wins Attorney General 112810

The nail-biting re-count for the office of Attorney General has been resolved with the concession of Steve Cooley and the resulting victory for Kamala Harris.

While the margin is extremely narrow and ballots are still being counted, my campaign believes that we cannot make up the current gap in the vote count for Attorney General. Therefore, I am formally conceding the race and congratulate Ms. Harris on becoming California’s next Attorney General.”  Steve Cooley

Steve Cooley from HERE 

Cooley, a conservative Republican and son of an FBI agent, was endorsed by a long list of law enforcement organizations, but Harris, a democrat, is strongly supported by civil rights groups, and was labeled by some “a liberal Democrat”.   Harris did have some endorsements, though not the cop endorsements Cooley had.  
But Californians might be becoming frustrated with the growing police state, and in the end, though the vote was close, the voters chose a less hard-nosed top cop.

I take great pride in the fact that I received the endorsement of every law enforcement organization in this race as well as that of every major daily newspaper in California but one. I was particularly gratified to receive the support of so many fellow district attorneys. While my campaign team tells me that endorsements do not necessarily win elections – and the results confirm that – it still means a great deal to me on a personal level.”  Steve Cooley

Harris, a 46 year old woman who many consider strikingly attractive, is seen as being more flexible and less dogmatic about things like sexual choice, cannabis use and other issues of personal liberty.  Cooley, conversely, stated before the election that if Prop 19, the decriminalization of cannabis, had passed, he would have instructed the state’s cops to ignore the law and bust people anyway.  Ignoring laws might not be the best actions for the state’s top cop.

The Prospect endorsed Kamala Harris, is deeply relieved that she was selected, and hopes the voters continue to support the least restrictive and dogmatic candidate in every contest.

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