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Jerry Brown Sez: Load Yer Guns 101211


California continued its single minded efforts to destroy the 2nd Amendment this month as the Governor General bowed to the witless and fearful and signed legislation which bans openly carrying unloaded handguns.  This is only one step away from banning the carry of handguns at all.

Your Fringe Editor struggles with the logic of this law.  An unloaded handgun is no more dangerous than a hammer; must we also cover up our unloaded hammers now? 

It is already illegal to carry a loaded firearm in many locations, unless one has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.  It is already illegal to have any firearms within 1000 feet of a school, government offices, state parks and other areas where the 2nd Amendment doesn’t seem to apply. 

In signing the bill, the Governor General is said to have listened to law enforcement officials, instead of the Constitution.  Seems to make sense in the Patriot America. 

Opponents of the bill point out that it is in violation of the 2nd Amendment and many hope for a lawsuit from the NRA or one of the California gun owners organizations. 

Proponents say it’s just not possible to tell if a gun is loaded or not, so unloaded ones have to be illegal. 

Guns are scary, and Californians are a very frightened people.  We just don’t need guns in a civilized society, some folks will tell you, and that’s true of a civilized society, but we’re talking California. 

I’m a simple country boy, but in my mind, I’d rather people carried their guns where I can see them, and if they’re unloaded, so much the better.  Owning a gun doesn’t, or shouldn’t, make you a criminal.

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