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Janice Maddox Selected for Director HHS 022212


At the Loyalton meeting on Tuesday the Sierra County Board of Supervisors selected the new director of Health and Human Services.  The successful candidate was Janice Maddox, who prevailed over four other applicants.

Maddox had been the second in command of Sierra County HHS under Dr. Carol Roberts; she left HHS to take on some other projects.  Roberts resigned as director at board request last October.

Janice Maddox is fully qualified to be director of HHS, and has the license to practice as a mental health practitioner which Roberts did not.  She’s a resident of Sierra County.

Maddox is married to Auditor-treasurer-tax collector Van Maddox, leading some to worry about “nepotism” or collusion between the ATTC and the director of HHS.  However, the funding sources are completely separate, and HHS funds are audited by a different agency.  The ATTC is an elected position, while the director position serves at the pleasure of the board.  Neither position has authority over the other, and neither position would benefit from undue coordination. 

Maddox has her work cut out for her, since the Board of Supervisors has been keeping an eagle eye on HHS expenditures.  Typically, counties seek state funding when possible, if only to create jobs.  The Board has demonstrated a reluctance to accept such funds, and an awareness that over-funded programs tend to intrude on local residents.  Rhonda Grandi, who has been interim director, has encountered resistance to some programs.  It requires patience and finesse to explain the arcane nature of HHS funding, and the requirements of the state.

Good luck, Director Maddox!

She encourages people to contact her directly with any comments, questions, or concerns that they may have either by telephone  (530) 515-6469 or by e-mail at jmaddox@hotmail.com

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