Inner Cooter

Inner Cooter
Fringe Gone Canine

Life is a short warm moment
Death is a long cold rest

Pink Floyd, Free Four

The other day I realized I was losing sight of what's important, and decided I needed a "life-coach”.  I selected Cooter.

I spent three hours with him and came away renewed.  Cooter knows what I used to know before I came to know what I now know and so forgot what I knew.

The lessons are simple:
Life is good, but short.  Don’t lay around; wiggle your ass and go for a walk.

Smell everything.  You might think you know something, but you don’t know it until you put your face in it and smell the stink.

If it smells good, eat it, roll on it, or hump it.  If it smells bad, piss on it.

Life is now.  Sure, you bury something, you hope to come back and find it better, but if not, it doesn’t matter, because life is now.
Don’t think about what you’re not, or long to be what you’re not, but jump into being what you are with gusto.  Wiggle your ass!

If you're hungry eat; if you're tired, sleep; if you feel like roaming, follow your feet.

Spend time with your pals.

If something runs away, chase it.  If something runs at you, get to higher ground.

If you like something, get it all you can.  
If you don’t like something, duck out if possible, let your long legs run until you can’t remember why you’re running, then go back.  If you can’t duck out, it’s just what’s happening now.

The best way to ruin a walk is to set out for somewhere.

Always, always, do everything from the heart.
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