Independence Lake Survey

The Independence Lake Survey 040611

The Nature Conservancy has hired a consultant to gather information about how people feel about Independence Lake and TNC management of the land around the lake, which they own. 

There has been no indication from TNC that they will actually use the survey data when making management decisions.  Most likely, they will use the portions they like to justify things they are already going to do, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, and allow them to earn our trust, if it is deserved.

The survey is available on line.  It asks for far too much personal data.  Feel free to lie to it.  Merely promising to keep data confidential isn’t sufficient, they simply don’t provide a justification for things like “address” as a required field.  As always on all such surveys, use your own judgment about what information to provide.  (Prospect surveys keep no data about you except your age, income and sometimes whether or not you live in the county.  This is NOT a Prospect survey).

Because it is available on line, the survey can be answered by anyone anywhere.  It would easily be possible for TNC to rally thousands of California users.  Our rural votes could be smothered in input from Down South.  Make sure your friends fill it out, too.

There are some technical problems with the survey, but do your best!

 Link is HERE.

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