I Take a Pill

I Take a Pill
By Iva M. Aladee

Every day I take a pill
I have to watch my fat
or else I’ll have a heart attack
like my uncle Pat.
I have to take another pill
so my veins don’t throb
and I end up in a nursing home
like my uncle Bob.
I have to take another pill
to keep my back from creakin’
and a pill I take at supper time
to keep my pee from leakin’.
One pill I take, I don’t know why,
the doctor told me to,
so I take it with a little pill
to move my poopoo through.
The doctor says keep out of sun
and so I’m pale as paste,
the doctor says to keep an eye,
and so I watch my waste.
Standing up is such a thrill
while my brain waits for some blood,
pale, I peer into the bowl
at what looks like bovine cud,
it gives me time to stop and think,
because my pee won’t flow,
of all the pills that I might need
that my doctor doesn’t know.
It will be worse eventually,
at least that's what I’m told,
the doctors give you pills and pills
if you manage to get old.

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