Huebner Campaign


Supervisor Peter Huebner Announces He Is Running For Re-election

It has been my great honor to represent Supervisorial District One for nearly three years.  I was humbled to be elected to this position in June 2008.  As I complete this third year as supervisor, and this year as the board chair, this seems an appropriate time to announce my intent to offer my service for an additional term should the voters of district one feel likewise. 

Despite my previous career in county government, I have been impressed with the deep and wide responsibilities of a county supervisor.  I have tried to serve that role both locally and countywide, as well as representing Sierra County regionally and statewide with involvement in any number of allied entities.  I have been pleased to serve as Sierra County’s delegate to both the Regional Council of Rural Counties and the California Association of Counties.

I have tried very hard to remain a moderate and practical delegate to the board.  In these difficult economic times, I have also tried to be consistent to limit and control the size of governmental activities while also appreciating special needs of the community.    Whether it be my role on the board, or with many other roles in the community (museum board member, Native Son’s member, relief postmaster, history junkie), Sierra County, my home since the 1970s, is very special to me.  That I get to represent the historic mining communities of district one (Downieville, Goodyear’s Bar, Forest City, Alleghany, Forest City, Indian Valley, Poker Flat, Howland Flat, and Gibsonville), makes this role only more the sweeter.

I feel very privileged to be entrusted as a delegate to the public’s business.  If you the voters feel that I remain a good representative in this role, with your support I will be honored and pleased to continue for an additional four year term.

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