Homelss infant discoverd

Homeless Infant Rescued from Local Barn 122610
Discovery highlights the need for more funding.

A Prospect Exclusive

A one-day-old baby boy was discovered lying in straw and animal fecal matter in a local barn, according to County Child Protective Services.  CPS workers said the barn, which included several live cows, some sheep and a donkey, was filthy with disease causing “coliform bacteria” which, according to a CPS spokesperson, could have included pathogens like E. Coli and could have easily killed the infant.  As a result, an adult male is being charged with child endangerment, and the baby has been removed by CPS workers and law enforcement. 

The child was found amid fecal matter with live barnyard animals present and a high risk of fire.

A young woman about 14 who would give her name only as “Mary” admitted to being the baby’s mother, but she also claimed to be a virgin.  A law enforcement officer at the scene told the Prospect “she seems to believe she’s had sex with God.”  A mental health examination has been scheduled to see if she is fit to parent the baby, who she said was named Yesua.  Law enforcement said that, because of her age, she would likely not be charged in connection with the baby’s circumstances when found.  She is currently in a foster home and receiving medical care.  A spokesperson for CPS said “Mary” had no formal schooling, and was being enrolled in public school.

The man, Joseph Ben Jacob, 43, claimed to be the girl’s husband, but not the father of the child.  He told the CPS caseworker that the couple had been traveling and couldn’t afford to stay in the few accommodations available at this time of year.  He claimed to be an unemployed carpenter, and said the pair had left a job to travel for family reasons.  He has been arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse and sexual assault, as well as child endangerment.  He could receive up to 50 years if found guilty.  Law enforcement is reportedly trying to determine if the girl was kidnapped or moved across state lines.

Joseph Ben Jacob, 43, with baby before caseworkers
removed the child for safety reasons. Jacob remains in custody

Both the baby’s mother and the suspect admitted to frequent or daily use of alcohol.  

Several religious fanatics described as having “long hair and shining robes” were also present, but refused to stop singing when ordered to by police and so were arrested for disobeying a lawful order and disturbing the peace.  Two of the individuals, whose names and genders remain undisclosed, had to be tazered before being led away in handcuffs.  One kept cursing law enforcement personnel to “burn in hell.”  None had identification and it is assumed that they are illegal aliens.  

According to police reports, three men later arrived to attempt to post bail for Mr. Jacob, but were them selves arrested when they claimed to be “magi”, which is believed to be a terrorist group from the Middle East.  Two were charged with suspicion of possession of narcotics when they were discovered to have two different, pungent but unidentifiable substances.  The three men gave their names as “Melichor, Gaspar and Balthasar” but they had no passports and are believed to be wanted in connection with a terrorist bombing in Jerusalem.  Approximately $350,000 in gold was also seized.

Unknown substance: police theorize the drugs are used to buy weapons and explosives.

The infant has been hospitalized until it can be determined if there are any drugs in his system, and to obtain DNA material to see if Joseph Jacob is his father.  A foster home has been chosen to receive him until it can be determined if his mother, with state help, can raise him.  A spokesperson for CPS said that the child would likely be adopted by the foster parents in six months, if the mother “Mary” couldn’t demonstrate she could care for the child.  

Funds for such services are being reduced at the state level, and some worry that the services that saved little Yesua might not be available next year.  A spokesperson for county CPS said this was an example of the risks children face every day, and it underscored the need for more funding so children could be protected and families helped.  “Without appropriate intervention, who knows where this baby would have ended up?  Statistically, he would have had problems with the law and likely would have died from violence in his life, had we not intervened.”  

Mother and baby; experts worry her mental health issues might make it impossible for “Mary” to keep her baby.  
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