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The Feds Provide Another Great Reason to Pass Prop 19  101710
Caution, contains stupidity from Federal officials and rude language in response from the Fringe.

Never underestimate the optimism of the ignorant or the determination of the truly stupid.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, in an attempt to show what ignorant blowhards highly paid government big shots can be, wrote a letter to 9 retired DEA heads, bragging that the Feds will crack down on California if Prop 19 passes.  Who knows why Holder wrote to the past DEA heads, most of them can’t even vote in California, and none of them make public policy.  
Further, I can’t imagine why we should care what bullshit he said in his letter, except that the ignorant empower the ignorant.  Holder’s words have sparked a raft of law enforcement petty tyrants across California to swear that even if the proposition passes, they’ll find some way to screw with people using pot.  They work for us, if they don’t follow the laws the citizens make, fire them.  

Here’s the genius at work: "Regardless of the passage of this or similar legislation, the Department of Justice will remain firmly committed to enforcing the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) in all states."  In other words, HOLDER DOESN’T CARE WHAT THE VOTERS OF CALIFORNIA THINK, this isn’t that kind of democracy, he guesses.  

It’s hard to be certain what Holder’s point could be, sending the letter to his pals talkin’ tuff about what he’ll do, instead of to the voters of California, but here’s my guess: the Feds won’t do much.  There aren’t enough federal cops to deal with real crime, and while there are a few hard heads who want to keep pot illegal just for the cultural advantage it gives them, most local cops and DAs have enough trouble with tougher issues.  The Feds will pick a couple of grows to bust, but in the end, the tide is turning, and legalization is the trend across the states.
Besides, Prop 19 will create new opportunities for the government to steal.  The big pot grows cops love to bust will most likely still be illegal, since they won’t have paid their permit fees or kept track of their product for tax purposes, and now the growers will be liable for tax evasion, which makes it even easier to take their pickup and motorboat and shack in the hills.  

In sum, Holder, you anti-American feeder at the pubic trough, white collar crime is rampant, but you still have the time to pen a letter to your drinking buddies about how you’re going to kick some pot grower ass?  We’d be better off if you were looking at funny emails or gambling on line.  You’re fired!

I was going to vote “yes” on Prop 19 with some hesitance; now I can’t wait.

Holder, get to work!

Also, by all means, vote for Kamila Harris for Attorney General.  Cooley doesn’t care what the voters think, if he’s elected he’ll tell cops that Prop 19 is unconstitutional (is he running for Supreme Court, or AG?).  

The whole thing’s disgustilatin’.  

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