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As the thousands of illegal marijuana users probably already know, there was a very small move forward towards legalization and decriminalization of marijuana on January 1st when possession of small amounts of marijuana was reduced to an infraction.  The cops can still take your pot and break your hand blown glass pipe that you’ve had since high school (oops, sorry), but as long as you don’t flash a gang sign or say “Allah Be Praised” or any other form of terrorist speech, you’ll likely not go to jail, or lose any possessions to the state.  This, along with measures on the ballot to decriminalize or legally regulate marijuana, indicate that, though the wheel turns slowly, it continues to move towards restoring the freedom to make decisions about what means of relaxation and healing to the Free and Brave. 

Allowing legal growers to produce and market marijuana under organic and Oregon Tilth standards would reduce the cost, remove the motivation of organized and disorganized criminals to grow in the forest, and provide legal employment for rural people.


Likewise a very small movement was made toward protecting our rights to arm and protect ourselves from thugs of every stripe.  A bill which would have excluded many gun owners in whole cities from removing their handguns from their homes has been gutted.  SB 661, which would have increased the “gun free school zone” to 1500 feet was killed before it came up for a vote.  School zones have long been notorious for being “Bill of Rights exclusion zones” for kids, but California, in its zeal to protect us until we die, has stolen the civil rights of all citizens in the zone of school authority.  After all, school in America isn’t about freedom, it’s about conformity and compliance. 

It’s still illegal to have a handgun around a school if you’re 1000 feet or less. 


The California Ban on open carry of handguns is being challenged in court, but victory is far from certain.  The Free and Brave will recall that the legislature created AB144, and the Governor signed it, because protestors who openly carried unloaded guns made police feel confused and uncomfortable.  Since the whole point of the Bill of Rights was to make cops feel comfortable, they passed the law.  Wait a bit, though, because the entire point, according to Thomas Jefferson, of protecting the citizen’s right to bear arms was to make the government feel NERVOUS whenever they trod on our Creator given rights.  That makes the California Legislature and Governor General Brown traitors as well as cowards. 


If you want to contribute to the fight to restore our Constitutional rights to protect ourselves, contribute to California Right to Carry

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