Guest Editorial S.Hurley

Guest Editorial by Steve Hurley

I saw Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman on CNN complaining that Obama was
late setting up a no-fly zone -- as if that level of international
cooperation coordinated that swiftly was not a miracle thanks to the good
work of Hillary Clinton.

How dare he speak about extra lives that might have been saved.

This sanctimonious statement comes from a representative whose sole vote, at
a critical juncture, drove a stake through the heart of truly meaningful
health care reform. How many citizens will die because the senator from
Connecticut defended corporate campaign donors in his state over and above
well-being of all Americans.

Excuse me Joe, how many of your own citizens did you kill with that vote?

What he and other politicians count on is an ill-informed public. In this
they are astute. There is seemingly no collective public memory for
anything except sports statistics and what model of automobile was in
production for how many years.

In fact it is worse than that. How many know Joe is a senator, where he is
from, or how he voted a few years back?

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