Gabby Sierra C Christmas

Sierra City Christmas Party

By Gabby Fringette


This year, I covered the Christmas party in Sierra City.


There was food, and lots of desserts. Delicious.


This is Bailey Edgman, the Christmas princess. Her dad, Thomas Edgman, is a landscape photographer.  Baily helped lead the Christmas carols. 



There was a raffle: a handmade dollhouse.  All proceeds of the dollhouse went to the firehouse.



Reverend Susan Kopp won the dollhouse, and said that she was going to give it to her granddaughter, who is going to have surgery in January.



This is the Christmas play.  It was very good for a bunch of kids who’ve just eaten, they followed all of their cues.  Lydia Ramirez was very good at being a new born baby Jesus. She was only two weeks old (I like that baby Jesus was a girl in the play)!


Kids of all ages sat on Santa's lap to tell him what they want for Christmas.

Lots of people helped to organize the Christmas party, and I think they did a good job.  These are the names of the people who helped organize the party.


The Sierra City Christmas Party is co-planned and sponsored by the Sierra City Fire Dept Auxiliary and the Sierra City United Methodist Church.  Those who helped include Mary Jungi and Dale Teubert, Liz Fisher, Tom Schumann, Fire Chief Bryan Davey, Fireman Daniel Ramirez, Pastor Susan Kopp, Pastor Bernie Stringer, Kathy and Larry Breed of the Sierra Country Store, Laurenc DeVita who's secret is now out...he can sing, Antonio Nevarez, Daniel Long, Tommy Dines, Justin Anderson, and Santa Claus.   And, special thanks to Miriam Dines who worked hard, played piano nicely, and helped with my article.


Thanks, too, to everyone who brought so much wonderful food!

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