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There isn’t much news in California.  It’s a terrible crash after the nail gripping news gush of the elections, and all over the internet analysts are lethargic, trying to squeeze the last bits of bliss and glow in the post-orgasmic doldrums.  But, it’s too late, the sheets are cooling and their fawning articles are as pointless as the signs which still bedeck fences and telephone poles.  

For example, several analysts are now realizing the dynamics of Prop 19, and now that it doesn’t matter any more, they’re telling their readers what the Prospect readers learned days and even weeks ago.   
Frankly, I’ll never support legalization again, unless the law reads: you can grow and smoke pot but don’t be stupid over it like you are over alcohol.  
The one useful outcome of Prop 19 could have been an honest, no shit discussion on our national drug policy (as the start for a discussion on our national policy on crime and war and schools) but no such discussion has materialized.
Instead, people are saying pointless things like “Attorney General Holder’s remarks turned the tide on Prop 19”.  Bullshit!  It’s like no one realized it was illegal at the federal level until this talking head wrote a letter to his old pals?  California voters are so ignorant and gutless they knuckled under to the feds?  If I thought that was true I’d take up drinking again, but I have much more faith in you, in your intelligence, and in your courage against tyranny, to believe that.  
No, California voters from nearly every county declined on Prop 19 because no one was sure exactly how it was going to effect things, particularly when possessing under an ounce is about to become an infraction.  
On the other hand, two counties chose to reject a ban on medical dispensaries, and the voters in nine cities did enact tax laws which will guide the sale of medical cannabis through their dispensaries.  One, which the Prospect analyzed weeks ago, is Rancho Cordova’s chilling tax on personal grows, which is already slated for the courtroom.   Most of the others show no likelihood of legal action as growers, sellers and buyers are happy to pay up to 10% taxes on cannabis.

I won’t even bother to harp on our own flaco local politicos, brave patriots who believe they won’t be reelected if they support taxing cannabis, though in Sierra County almost one voter in two favors taxation.  The 4% margin is just too scaaaarrry.  Or the idea that they might be soft on drugs, if hard on strong whiskey, might cause church folk to shun them.  
Let’s go ahead and make the comparison to someone who has a job offer, but doesn’t want to do anything, just collect a check.  Local movers and shakers can dream of choo choos and wealthy golfers, but can’t figure to fill the decrepit and depressing Loyalton Hotel with fresh green pot, all taxed at 10% an ounce?  We complain of people going to Costco to buy groceries, but we want them to go to Sacramento to buy medical cannabis?  Do you people ever listen to yourselves?  Do you really think if you don’t tax it people won’t grow and smoke it?
Anyway, I won’t bother to harp; the above was no bother. 

In non-post-election news, a policeman in Kenya popped a fuse and killed 10 people.  Not sure what this means to us, but it’s “all over the wire”.  

In the United States and in the world, people continue to fight for the right to be who they are, and love who they love.  Gay and Lesbian activists in Spain greeted the Pope at the dedication of a church by kissing each other (that is, gays kissed gays and lesbians kissed lesbians, we guess, or what was the point?) in public in front of the church.  The Pontif did not die, the church did not crumble, and as nearly as by-standers could tell God didn’t seem to care much.  The Pope, a man pledged to celibacy who largely keeps the company of other men, is assumed to be an expert in marriage and was there to speak against the growing acceptance of gay marriage.  
In the US the Log Cabin Republicans  are struggling to get Knee Jerk Republicans to end discrimination in the military.  A U.S. District Court judge ruled “don’t ask, don’t tell” unConstitutional, but an appeals court over-turned the ruling.  For some reason, the military can’t distinguish bravery when they see it, and discharges soldiers who have the courage to openly be themselves.  Obama is fighting the district court ruling, but also asking congress to do-away with DADT.  Congress could and would over-turn DADT but freedom loving Republicans continually prevent it.  After more than 230 years, the nation struggles to fulfill the promise of the Constitution, but “patriots” keep getting in the way.

In lighter news, it will get light earlier again today as we revert from Daylight Savings Time to Sun Time.  Daylight savings time has been extended to decrease the use of electricity.  It’s now light at 6:00 A.M. again, and will soon be dark at 5:00 P.M.  The chickens don’t care and the cows don’t care but millions of humans will suddenly act as though the sun is getting up at a different time.  This is how we distinguish rational beings from humans.

According to an informal, person-on-the-street poll, not one person in ten in Sierra County believes there was a gunman who shot at a cop on Highway 49.  People have gone to the spot and tried to enact it.  Make of that what you will.  However, a source close to the courthouse says there has been an increase in locals waving guns at cops.  It could mean an increase in depression and despair in the community, since waving a gun at a cop is usually known as “suicide by cop”.  It could mean an increase in the use of alcohol secondary to unemployment or financial hard times.  It could mean people are sick of cops.  It could mean nothing, it’s just small sampling error, and over a ten year period it averages out to a relatively small number of instances.  The Prospect recommends that, under most circumstance, you don’t wave guns at cops.  It’s just not good for anybody.

Along the same lines, though, there is growing social science evidence that when cops get tough on criminals and kick in doors and arrive in force, they dramatically increase the likelihood of violence.  It is possible that you should send a police lady in her mid 50s, unarmed, to bring in violent suspects.  Seriously.

Policewoman Sister Wendy Beckett

Snow is forecast for today and tomorrow and winter is right around the corner.  If you don’t have your firewood in and dry get ready to experience your addiction to big oil.

Have a nice week, if you dare.
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