Four Twenty!

Four Twenty!
Certified organic cannabis from the land of the free: Canada link

The Prospect has taken heat recently for being "pro-legalization" of cannabis, and for doing something in a meaningful way to facilitate legal medical marijuana in the county. Having already taken the heat, the Prospect gets to have some fun in this international Day of the Bong!

Much of the outside world knows 420 to be the international symbol for a pot break. Around the world at 420 local time students, office workers, even cops, often stop to smoke a joint to get them through the last half hour of the day.

How do we know this? The internet, of course! The net is alive with legends about how "420" became the symbol of a ganja nosh, but the most likely one involves some baby boomers, trapped in the industrial prison of public education in 1971, who, every day after school at 4:20, would gather to smoke a joint and discuss the day’s events. The group was called the Waldos, and there is good documentation. The Prospect has verified that people did indeed smoke joints in the 1970s, many of them after school and before anti-war rallies, so the story may be true.


In the modern era, 420 is the symbol for ending the war on cannabis. Like our other wars, the war on cannabis has made innocent people suffer, cost billions in tax dollars that could have been better spent, and generally failed. April 20th, (4/20) is the international day of cannabis liberation. It is the hope of activists that this simple and useful plant will eventually be freed to serve humankind again. Really, the only thing preventing this, both at home and abroad, is the United States Government, which, representing the free and the brave, has decided the people won’t be allowed to make their own choices. The U.S. has used bribery and coercion to force other governments into lock step. Many, beginning with Canada, the Netherlands and Switzerland have declined to play along with the U.S. The nation of California is about to make such a decision, if not this year, then in 2012. A lot of those who smoked pot after school in the 1970s hope to live long enough to see it.

Even though do-gooders of every stripe want to bash people for smoking tobacco, and warn and fume over drinking alcohol (you can't even send your kid to the fridge for a beer anymore) and are fussing generally about fat, and television, and everything we enjoy, it's good to know that there are still people out there who will push the envelope back and leave the choice to us.

The Sierra County Board of Supervisors will be meeting on 4/20. The Prospect assumes County Council Jim Curtis will call a closed session to discuss "a possible lawsuit" and the Board can enjoy some mellow, captured county marijuana to celebrate the day.

Happy 420!
County Council Jim Curtis could check here to see how the county could distribute it's captured cannabis:!

Editors note: please drink Mogan David 20/20 and use recreational drugs responsibly. This article is not intended to endorse any particular strain of ganja. Please vaporize instead of smoking. Most of the people who hate us over our libertarian view of medical marijuana aren’t going to read this anyway. Never use a bong while driving. Please go to your kid’s room and take their marijuana away; send it to: The Mountain Messenger Newspaper. The Attorney General of California does not support the use of marijuana, and is generally a drag at parties . The use of cannabis is a violation of Federal Law but ask yourself, which has done more for you over the years, the Federal government or God’s own green weed? Free the herb, and it will free you. Remember: only users lose drugs. God, it’s been almost a century of lies and bullshit, won’t someone please pull the plug? This is not a political announcement. Does anyone else smell that?


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