Flippin Cops

Flipping Cops 110310

Robert Ekas, resident of Happy Valley, Oregon has, like many of our fine local residents, been flipping cops the bird for years.  In 2007 he flipped two cops in Clackamas County Oregon, and he was detained and cited with traffic violations (he was acquitted).

Ekas sued the cops for violating his 1st and 4th Amendment rights.  Eventually, the cops settled out of court, paying Ekas $4000.00 and promising to give officers “1st Amendment” training.  

Ekas is right, the Supreme Court has found that citizens have broad rights to criticize the cops, though in the looming American police state cops are becoming more and more bold.  We suggest the need for a law preventing all cops from watching television or movies, particularly those about cops, and anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  

Go ahead, flip a cop off, but be ready to duck!  He might not have had his 1st Amendment training yet.

Look, in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a… what the hell?  That isn’t a bird.  Never trust staff with anything important!
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