Five Fringe 3

3. Careful Selection

The Fringe Editor

You are an employer; you employ politicians.

You are being asked to select employees for the next four or six years.

These employees are in the odd position of having authority over you, your kin, your property, indeed, your life, but only after they are hired. For this moment, the ball is in your court.

Ballots come out on May 10th. I’m going to vote when I get my ballot; anything left on my desk for more than a few days gets buried. A lot of people are going to vote when they get their ballot.

That means, essentially, we have only about six weeks to learn all we can about these employees who will have these amazing powers.

Six weeks isn’t long; the stakes are high.

Learn all you can about the candidates. Share information with your friends. We should be filling the meadows and canyons with our gossip about these people who will soon have power over us.

Let’s know all we can. Otherwise, we’ll be left to make our decisions based on campaign BS and attractiveness. That might work for a beauty queen, but not a judge or supervisor.

Miss America, Donna Axum, 1964 

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