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1. Dirty Politics

The Fringe Editor

Politics is not a game for sissies. When a person runs for office, they have to assume they’ll be asked tough, or more often, stupid, questions, and they’ll have to produce a good answer. They’ll have to stand for things they’ve done in public in the past. They’ll have to formulate their political position.

But, it is not part of politics to be attacked in one’s person. It isn’t about personalities, it’s about the qualifications for the position. Being a candidate is simply not license for people, or the press, and especially not the other candidate, to attack one personally.

The Prospect asks voters to consider the propaganda candidates provide carefully. Is it a clear list of projects the candidate hopes to bring, or new perspectives, or is it an attack on a person, devoid of any political value but vitriol?

Anyone who can’t conduct themselves in an intelligent, civilized way during the campaign won’t be able to work cooperatively and in good faith once elected.

Filthy Politics: We don't want it here.

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