Eschleman letter Beals

An Open Letter to Tim Beals On the TNC Issue from R. Eshleman

Dear Tim:

I generally appreciate the work that goes into the obligated response of
government,  but I mention here that I take a lesson each time I hear
you make a presentation to the BOS giving canonical understanding to the
question at hand.   I recall the thoroughness of the Hudson affair in
addition to today's layout and other efforts.  The test for me is
whether I come away with comprehensive data.  In science it is
legitimate to question the conclusions of others,  but I was always
reminded to look at the data - - particularly by a practitioner of good
experimental method.  Your research was informative. You should get a
couple of orchids for all the brickbats.

The real concern regarding AIS is quality state policy.  I note (and you
probably do also) that felt soles for fishing waders is now a no - no.  
This would argue that not only would the padding on trailers  be a niche
space,  but also every rope etc.  regardless of vessel and so forth.  I
also found it a bit disingenuous when the comparison was being made
between Tahoe (a true urban establishment complete with huge population
dynamics) to the 2500 recorded visits to Independence Lake. 
Intellectually that is a category transfer problem for me.  I was amused
about the more touchy-feely approach that was advanced by the TNC legal
rep.  This was not the opening move and as in a chess game,  TNC is
going to live with those moves.  But when Chris Fichtel was reading
about introduced invasive species of concern to the native Lahonton
population I immediately thought of Rainbow Trout!!   But an effective
disinfectant station regardless of lake and location in the State is the
only reasonable approach.   It is not rocket science and that is the
remedy.  Clean lab technique.  Heat.  No toxins.  Leave a boat trailer
in Sierra County summer sun for three days and it would likely be
completely sanitized.


Robert Eshleman
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