Ervin Meets the Public

Ervin Meets the Public; celebrates Sierra County’s 158th

This Saturday, April 17, 2010 judicial candidate Charles Erwin entertained voters with an afternoon of Grass Fed Beef and serious political talk.

Richard and Mary Nourse hosted the get together at Holly House. It was attended by about 45 people who enjoyed KT ranch Sierra Valley grass feed beef, perfectly prepared by Chef Ricard N’Ourz.

Throw a cow on the barby.

Charles and Mrs. Ervin entertained voters and Mr. Ervin spent considerable time in one-to-one conversation. He was getting to the nitty gritty, what he thought, what he knew of the law. He was overheard discussing topics as diverse as land use, child welfare and the philosophy of law.

Locked in conversation

The occasion also observed the county’s 158th birthday, and was celebrated with a beautiful cake from Blue Moon Bakery, in Loyalton.


The cake, which has an old photo of Downieville
and the old St. Charles, was created by
Vickie at Blue Moon Bakery. Vickie also made
the potato and macaroni salads, which were spot-on.

A feature of the afternoon was Holly House itself. The Holly House is very likely the most beautiful home in Sierra County. It is carefully restored and features a sunny deck, seven bathrooms, sitting rooms and a hundred year old ambiance.


One of the bathrooms in the Holly House. This reporter experienced
a lot of history in this loo; it was also nice to see all the old-timey stuff.

It was a perfect Spring afternoon and the affair was more like a garden party than a white-knuckle political get together, but the point was not lost: Mr. Ervin wants very much to be a judge in Sierra County and to serve the community where Mr. Ervin’s father lived and his wife Eleanor Hatch Turner operated the pharmacy.

A perfect Spring afternoon!





The Holly House; lovely thanks to the hard work of
years of Mary and Richard Nourse’s time.

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