ESVCC Blooms

East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce Blooms this Summer 071410

Summer has warmed the earth and along with lilies and California poppies, the East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce has taken over the sun. It isn’t easy in these economic times to stimulate local economies, but the ESVCC is working hard and making progress.

The Chamber started a Sunday Farmer’s Market which deserves everyone’s support. The Market brings many things to the East Valley, including improved nutrition, and increased awareness of fresh, local food, and an opportunity for local folks to get together, have some great grub, and meet and smile in the warm Loyalton sunshine.

This Sunday, after Church, head over to Loyalton and enjoy yourself. Not only will you be having a great time, and KEEPING YOUR MONEY LOCAL, you’ll be assuring that there’ll be a Farmer’s Market the next Sunday. Try to support this budding local effort.

The Chamber also helped out with the Tour de Manure in Sierraville, which was a huge success this year with over 250 participants. This event fuels important local fire and rescue efforts.

The Chamber has named Kathy Norris to the Board. Ms. Norris is very active in Sierra County’s economic life, serving on the ESVCC Board, the Sierra County Economic Development Committee, being co-owner of Willow Media Group, the driving force behind the Sierra Work Connection.

You can find out more about East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce HERE

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