Dville Classic Epps


Dear Board of Supervisors,

My family and I cannot thank you enough for your decision to open Packer Saddle Road. Some may think this only helped one local business. This is so far from the truth. On the back of every mountain bike is Motels, Pizza parlor, Gas Station and many other business. Your brave choice has certainly turned a bad year into a good year.

Cities all over the country build sports arenas to draw in franchise of different sorts. Why? Because they boost the local economy.  You have built us our first sports arena. The results are already paying off, and the race has not even happened yet.

Some may ask where did this money come from? Well the hotels pay a TOT tax. Some of this money goes to the chamber of commerce. Yet most of the TOT tax goes into the general fund. You know Mental health and such. All the Tax off my business goes into the general fund. Over the past five years all this Business tax and TOT tax must add up to thousands of dollars.

I am so grateful that the Board of Supervisors decided to recognize our hard economic times, and re-invested a small portion of the money they had collected over the years into making all of our businesses a success.

God bless you.

Billy, Kathleen, Mary Ann, Jojo, Sean & Katie  Epps (Gallows Pizza)

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