Dumb Enough to Rule

Dumb Enough to Rule 092210
The Fringe Editor considers dumbing-down his politics.
WARNING: Contains political and other language that might be offensive to some readers, though probably not too many.

Life has many unpleasant decisions, crossroads where there simply is no good option.  This coming election is such a time of hard decisions.
I have never voted a Repugnican ticket.  Yes, I’ve occasionally voted for Republican candidates, but never a ticket.  I find right wing political arguments to be specious and simplistic, and their goals myopic, generally anti-human, and often cruel.  I don’t want corporations to get wealthy at the cost of people and the environment, and generally, that’s what Republicans want, they worship money.  Further, they typically take advantage of those of rigid thought and narrow vistas to further political ends, using emotional issues to drive the witless to accept bad government over a few dogmatic issues.  Yes, rape the treasury and kill innocent people in the Middle East, but don’t let a 46 year old mother of five have an abortion, so DO force her to have the kid but DON’T help her raise the little tyke.
This is not to say that Repubs bullshit us any more than Dems, but the Democrats make more sophisticated arguments, their goals, though equally myopic to that of Republicans, are generally more pro-social and less cruel, and they don’t quite worship money (though it’s always welcome to come around), instead they worship harmony and appearance.  The Republicans pass draconian laws and get cops to beat you, while Democrats pass procrustean laws and hire people with Master’s degrees to hound you.  If a cop grabs you, you can sell your bones and hire a bloodsucker and perhaps get off; if a social worker gets you, you’re going to Rehab. The major difference is if you speak very slowly and in a low voice, you can sometimes reason with a psychologist or social worker.
However, the Dems have simply gone too far in California, they’ve helped far too much.  Like the Repubs drive us to fear criminals under the bed and Mexicans on this side of the border, the Dems have used our concern for the environment to make the state unlivable, and our concern for children to devalue families and the ties of blood.  The Dems imagine a better world, a more pristine environment, a more orderly California, but it’s a dream most of us can’t afford to live, and often don’t want.  
Increasingly, the Dems are impacting three things I care very much about.

1. The ability to build a house.
2. The ability to take a cr*p.
3. The right to own and use a tool: the gun.

Yes, the Republicans are retro, leading us boldly into a past that never existed, but the Democrats are neo, leading us into a future none of us should want.  If the Republicans take control, yes corporations will spill oil off the coast, and yes, poor moms will suffer, and yes, we’ll probably declare war on Scotland to get cheaper scotch, but at least I’ll be able to do those three important things.  
Finally, there’s Jerry Brown.  At this critical moment in history, when the public confidence in government is at an all time low, when even the Governator can’t rein in the legislature, the Democrats think we need Jerry Freaking Brown?  

Vote Debra for Secretary of State! 
This is a non-paid political encouragement.

Frankly, if the Dems had run Debra Bowen for Governor, I’d have voted Dem.  This time, I think I’ll vote for the greedy blond gal.

Now, on to the next such decision: should I get the zip wax, or just go with the Bic lighter again?

Don't call me "Moonbeam."

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