Downieville Grocery

Downieville Grocery Store Reopens!

The good news is the Downieville Grocery Store opened as promised on Monday morning at 10 a.m. The first eager shoppers were Carol and David Marshall followed closely by Bette Jo and Frank Lang. The Marshalls were able to score jumbo marshmallows as requested by their grandchildren Mason and Tanner Pangman.


The Langs got their coveted canola oil and some salsa, and were offered the choice of homemade salsa by Naseem or a brand name. The good news is the first two shoppers were happy with their purchases.

Humajoon (everyone calls him Lodi) and Naseem Lodhi have been busy the past few days preparing for the opening of the grocery store while continuing the operation of the gas station MiniMart and Deli. Since the Gallows Coffee Shop closed Lodi has set up a couple of tables near the coffee area at the gas station so the “coffee club” has a place to sit and relax and discuss world issues each morning. John Funk, Art Loveland and Jack Marshall lead the discussions.


“We are going to make a nice little seating area there so people can have coffee and eat their deli goods”, said Lodi, “in the grocery store we are still stocking our shelves plus we have a wish list on the counter for our customers to let us know what brands and items they would like to have us provide for purchase.”

The store will be a full grocery store with a variety of goods including fresh produce. In addition, the store will carry a selection of wines, liquor and beer.  “Our prices will be comparable to other groceries and we hope to offer specials and sale items throughout the year” said Lodi.


Lodi and Naseem have more than twenty-five years of experience in the retail grocery business and are looking forward to serving and being part of our local community.


That was all the good news, and the bad news? Well the good news is there is no bad news. Community members have been talking about the grocery store being open on Facebook and everyone is happy to hear we once again have a grocery in town.

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