District 2 Huebner

posted 3/21/10
Peter Huebner's answers to the first 2 reader questions

1) Property Rights

As my record shows; for the past twelve years as your Sierra County Supervisor, in District two I have been very supportive of maintaining and protecting individual property rights within the law. Regulations whether at the County level or at the State and Federal level need to be balanced so that individual property rights are not further reduced. There are always competing opinions and interest, particularly in the area of land use, where property rights not only exist for an individual seeking a permit or project approval but those rights also extend to neighboring property owners and some extent, to the greater community and the county's natural environment. This is why our general plan is so important to me.

Sierra County is very unique in that extensive regulation that one finds in other counties does not exist in Sierra County, and I am very proud to say that the Board of Supervisors is very careful about considering new regulations or amending existing regulations, and always considers the impacts to individual property rights, to community interests, and to natural resources.

Sierra County is blessed with a caring Board of Planning Commissioners, and a very knowledgeable professional Planning Department under the leadership of Planning Director Tim Beals.

 2)  Loyalton Pool

Unfortunately, time began to run out on the combined efforts of the Loyalton Pool Committee and the City Council to provide a viable project and funding solution that would enable the immediate use of funds from the current State Park Bond Act (Prop 40) which will expire in less than one year. It is so important for voters and residents to understand that the County is not the owner of this pool and is not responsible for its maintenance or operations.

This rests with the City of Loyalton and as an incorporated city, it needs to decide if it will support the pool or it will not support the pool. Many good options remain open for other funding sources and the Loyalton Pool Committee and the City should work together toward completing a viable business plan that outlines a complete strategy for the pool which contains the total costs for improvements, operation, maintenance, and overhead and the expected revenue sources. Once this plan is completed and agreed to by the City, and should the need still exist for a special tax for ongoing operations, and maintenance, I would agree to take a very serious look at approving the project. I support the pool and always have as is evidenced by my contribution of $40,000 of Proposition 40 funding toward the Loyalton Pool Project and I would support researching other options to preserve the pool for the use and enjoyment of the community.

More to come!

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