Dissent: No on 19

I Dissent

Contrary to the belief that old and retired cops are against Prop 19 to control poor and undesirable elements; the aim of not putting another drug out there to be used to keep the masses in submission is the more likely goal. Crime is driven by poverty, being able to function in our society allows one to develop a life. Buy groceries, raise a family, hold a job, be conscious and in the moment. Being stoned is the same as being drunk, no incentive to get the job done; we do it tomorrow, maybe, if something better doesn’t come along.

Cannabis is used by the poor, some say this as a reason to allow the poor to enjoy their drug as if this is a good thing. Why not make the connection between being poor and using cannabis or alcohol? Which begets which, is my question.

Leonard’s or Downieville Grocery will probably not sell marijuana. The federal government has made itself clear, it will still be a violation of federal law and they are champing at the bit to enforce the law if the states won’t. Do we really want more federal law enforcement in our county?

Marijuana maybe less dangerous than whiskey. I think marijuana may have a more placid effect on people, thereby reducing the edge and thereby fewer bars fights, maybe less domestic violence. But that placating effect also reduces the response to going to work, holding a job, taking your kids to the park. It isn’t all sunshine and roses. Once again I ask why are marijuana users often poor? Why do the poor use marijuana?

Our  County Supevisors are a bright bunch they not only read the Prospect they read many sources and comprehend the information they have the same information that voters do and come to a the conclusion Prop 19 is a bad idea.  Many other counties in the state will not embrace legalization of marijuana.

Most voters understand why such a fuss is being made about pot. Voters from 18 to 24, who one would think would vote yes on Prop 19, may just surprise us.

I do not support Prop 19 and have already voted No. I predict that Jerry Brown will win and Prop 19 will lose. I suggest you vote no on Prop 25, as it is punitive and will result in bad budgets. Vote for John Evans and Charles Ervin and life in Sierra County will continue to be wonderful.

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