Dems Cop Out

Dems Disappoint

The Executive Council of the Dems will almost certainly announce that the party will remain neutral on Tom Ammiano’s movement to legalize pot, known on the November ballot as “prop 19”. 
Jerry Brown has already spoken against it, as has Feinstein.  The old-new Jerry Brown emitted a sound-blab that could have come from the least informed conservative on the planet: “Every year we get more and more marijuana and every year we find more guys with AK-47’s coming out of Mexico going into forests and growing more and more dangerous and losing control.”  It’s hard to place his ignorance on the map, but it’s clear he doesn’t understand finance or politics.  Making the product legally available will mean the price will drop, legitimate growers will increase, and there will be FEWER MEXICANS WITH AK-47S, NOT MORE!  In addition, I’d like to point out he’s a racist. 

Still, the Dems are following this dry husk of a boy wonder against legalization.

There are a couple of reasons put forward for this reticence: the bill is flawed; it could damage Democratic candidates in conservative areas; moderate Democrats would be alienated (and, we guess, sent to the Tea Party). 

Here’s another possible reason: if a Democrat appears with a fire in their belly for liberty, they are quickly referred to anger management and dosed with psyche meds until they’re ready to be returned to polite company.
After 40 years of working with Democrats, I have come to understand that how things look is more important to them than how things are.  You no doubt could get the CDP to endorse a nice Zinfandel, but not something as common as pot.

That leaves us with the Republican party, but there is little chance they will endorse a bill supporting individual freedom.  While the Dems have no guts, the Repubs have no heart.  The Republicans are aristocrats who drive the fearful and small minded to power; the Democrats are elitists who urge and cajole the unwashed to maintain some decorum, for their own good.

But neither party can see with clarity and determination the one quality that really makes America different: the right of the individual to make key decisions in their lives.

Debra Bowen, our Secretary of State, noted that in the June Primary only one voter in three participated.  Are you going to vote weak bladder or hard head this November?
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