County Solid on Waste

The Merger/Acquisition of the county solid waste hauling 020211

Terry La Blanc, Mark Daigle and Richard Ross: safeguarding the County's Solid Waste

Terry La Blanc, Richard Ross and Mark Daigle met with some of the local press to discuss the improvements residents can expect from having a single solid waste hauler.

Richard Ross spoke of his family’s four generations in the solid waste and recycling business.  (Website)  He said he and his family were happy to join forces with Terry and his crew to provide better service to the people of Sierra County.  Their main base of operation is Delleker Park, outside Portola.  From there they serve a number of the scattered towns in our area.

Intermountain Disposal Range

The consolidation provides a better haul rate for the haulers and improved services to the county, including the ability to haul to Lockwood if necessary, or to bring recyclables to the Delleker site.

Terry La Blanc said he was happy to work with the new system, and that recycling will still be important.  They hope to provide education on recycling to tourists and locals in the coming year.  Proper recycling is important to reducing the waste stream to the Loyalton Landfill.  
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