Civil Discourse

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May 19, 2010

Editor, Sierra County Prospect

What happened to "Civil Discourse"?

We recently had the opportunity to read an editorial or article in the Sierra Booster which suggested that Supervisor Peter Huebner should identify those projects and programs that he has helped bring to the County, the east side in particular. Anyone who knows Peter Huebner understands that he gives the County everything that he has and takes his job very seriously. He gives individual attention to anyone who asks for assistance and has proven in so many ways that he loves Sierra County. He dedicates all of his time to making a positive difference in our lives. We obviously support him and are constantly in awe of his dedication, his success, and his desire to serve. The voters of district two are very lucky to have this caliber of person representing them.

So, what has he been able to accomplish? Knowing he is modest about listing his accomplishments, we did some research and thought that the voters would appreciate seeing our results.

First, let’s just look at the Board of Supervisors meeting held this past Tuesday to be current. Peter Huebner championed a request to restore the Chamber of Commerce budget and advance them needed funds for the current year. It was approved. He was instrumental in keeping over $300,000 in grant funds in the County and to be used locally to hire employees and develop an SOS employment program that has recently put over 40 county residents to work according to a report given by the Director of Human Services. As part of a solid waste committee, he was instrumental in approving a solid waste budget that is $40,000 reduced over the prior year’s expenses, will not raise any fees, and keeps the service as very user friendly. He was successful in obtaining approval of an annual fire service agreement for Verdi which is also in his district. Not a bad day at work for Sierra County.

Let’s look at a list we have compiled of other somewhat recent accomplishments:

  1. Construction of the fourth street sidewalk project in Loyalton
  2. Active representation on the Northern Biomass Committee and bringing much needed attention and support to the SPI Biomass Plant
  3. Working diligently to keep the SPI Biomass Plant open to protect local jobs
  4. Brought the Alliance for Workforce Development to Loyalton which opened an office and has several employees working locally.
  5. Provided $40,000 to complete the Mills Peak bike trail
  6. Continues to negotiate with banking institutions about the Loyalton banking services
  7. Negotiated an ability and incentive to have public employee prescription plans use the services of Loyalton Pharmacy
  8. Active in the Fire Safe and Watershed Council, bringing fire clearance projects to Sierra City, Calpine, Alleghany, Loyalton Pines, Pike and others
  9. Allocated $40,000 to the Loyalton Pool
  10. Supported the allocation of $280,000 in Proposition 40 funds for the Loyalton Community Center Gymnasium project
  11. Supported the recent paving of A-23, A-24, Calpine cut-off, and Heriot Lane
  12. Completed the Sierra City Visitor Center
  13. Supported the acquisition of the Yuba Theater and Sierra City Community Park using State grant funds
  14. Championed the discussion and debate over Forest Service actions on the Nixon mining Claim on the North Yuba River
  15. Championed the County take-over of the winter snow grooming program to protect its importance to the local winter economy
  16. Very active in the County Economic and Business Development Committee in bringing to the region a "buy local policy", high speed internet service, SBA services including qualifying HUB Zone contractors, mountain bike master planning, coordination with SPI on reuse of its Loyalton mill site
  17. Very active in producing the Loyalton Business Park and over one million dollars in road and other improvements to this project
  18. Providing access to micro loans and grants to assist business owners
  19. Construction of the Loganville Rest Stop and RV Sanitation Station
  20. Construction of the Downieville Trailhead Project
  21. Allocated funds to construct a picnic area and historic survey monument at Verdi, for improvements to the Kentucky Mine Park, the Sierra City Community Hall, Sierra City Visitor Center, and for improvements to the Sierra City Park
  22. Supported allocating Title III funds to support the local schools
  23. Active in the Highway 89 Stewardship Project bringing much deserved attention to the uniqueness of the Highway 89 corridor and wildlife values
  24. Actively represents the County and City of Loyalton on the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District
  25. Actively supports the County Fish and Wildlife Commission
  26. Represents the County on several out-of-county committees bringing very favorable programs to the County which translate into reduced costs to the County government and to County residents
  27. Actively makes efforts to buy local products and services
  28. Coordinated the acquisition and delivery of a functional fire engine from Sierra City Fire Department to the Verdi Volunteer Fire Department
  29. Published a book and donated proceeds from its sale to the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, Humane Society and County Charities
  30. Actively participates in the County Water Resources Committee bringing support and opportunities to the County
  31. Actively assisted in protecting the Sierraville Ranger Station from being merged with Truckee
  32. Supports and works with the other Board of Supervisors to maintain a conservative County budget where the County has no debt service, is living within its means, has a general reserve, and now has a cash carryover.

We could continue but it finally occurred to us that there is not much that Peter is not involved with and many individual projects or programs were only a result of Peter’s persistence and his support. Peter does not do all of this by himself. It takes the Board of Supervisors to approve programs, projects, and funding requests. The rest of the Board of Supervisors deserve much credit too for these and many other projects and programs but Peter’s ability to motivate and produce successful results is pretty obvious when you look at what has been done. Thank you Peter and the voters in district two have an excellent choice to represent them. All of Sierra County thanks you.


Ed and Juanita Holley

Sierra Brooks

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