China Hacks Prospect

China Hacks Sierra County!  060511

Warning: very poor taste!


When we heard that China had hacked the email accounts of top American officials and business people had emails hacked by China, we realized the Prospect was prime for that kind of espionage.  We checked our email server, and sure enough, we were right!


We found some pretty shocking things, as did the Chinese, we’re sure.

Below are screen shots of what we found, more evidence of Chinese power grab using technology.  We should probably be alarmed by this violation of privacy, but, meh.


However, to get even, we offer this map of penis sizes around the world.   


Here’s our evidence of Chinese hacking:


First, a confidential email to an elected official:



Next, a hacked email to a business associate:


Then, a private email between the editors:


Finally, a message between a staff member and a secret friend.


Our only hope is that these emails, now no doubt in the possession of Chinese IT people, will start a new kind of revolution in China, one where people become just as jaded, just as selfish, just as grab-ass as we here in the US of A!

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