Calling All Cousins!

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Calling all Cousins: Rural Northern California Musicians

Do you have a group? Do they have a cd? Would you be willing to let Prospect Radio use your work for free?

If you haven’t seen Radio Free Vermont, take a look. Dennis Steele, RFV founder, gubernatorial candidate and local power advocate has encouraged the Prospect to expand into internet radio. As you can see, RFV plays only local music. You will also see they play top quality music of a wide variety from blue grass, to instrumental contemporary, to Vermont Reggae. Vermont is a state, but not a very big state, and not a very populous state. There are probably about as many musicians in the five California counties surrounding Sierra County as there are in the Green Mountains of Vermont. If they can create a great local music radio station, so can we!

The station will have to find some kind of funding, whether subscribers, donations, or selling ads. An agreement would be created to protect musicians who provide free music against the station making too much money (probably not a problem). The station might earn money by selling economical web site space to musicians.

This would be a community endeavor, with the Prospect hosting the effort.

If you have input, email to

Also, email the url for this page to your musician friends. If there is enough support, we’ll try to bring it together.

We’ll shamelessly steal the "Radio Free" moniker:

Prospect, Radio Free SierraCascadia


Passing Buy 
M. Abell; all rights reserved M. Abell 2010

First Submission toward an on-line local music station.

Bourgeois Gypsies
Second Group on board! (link)

Camille by M. Abell  
M. Abell; all rights reserved M. Abell 2010        

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