CAPR Update


Dear fellow CAPR members and concerned citizens’,

This is just a short update for all of you regarding where we are now and what our plans are in the future.
Our citizens’ initiative regarding the definition of the High Water Mark is in the process of being rewritten for submission to be placed on the ballot in the near future. Currently we are seeking out various legal councils to handle this and other issues on the horizon.
Mark this date:
October 5th - Board of Supervisors meeting in Downieville.

Items of interest on the agenda will be updates on the building permit status for the Marciniak’s, discussion on how the Board of Supervisors is going to handle the High Water Mark issue, as well as the pending lawsuit by HSRA forcing the County to pay for revising The General Plan. We encourage as many of you as possible to attend.
For those of you in Plumas County members of our board have attended supervisors meetings and planning commission meetings and are aware of how your General Plan is in disarray. We are aware that in the process of revising your plan that there could be attempts to structure it against fair private property use and we will be on the lookout to try to prevent this
from happening.
We will be upgrading our website and will be coming out with a regular newsletter soon. If any of you have issues you would like to discuss please don’t hesitate to contact us at:
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