CAPR April Meeting

CAPR Meets!

The Sierra-Plumas chapter of the Citizen’s Alliance for Property Rights met in Calpine this Sunday (today).

Present were Milt Holstrom, President; Robert Eschleman, VP; Bruce Bagley, Treasurer; Carol Iman, PR; and Johna Berg-Thran, Secretary. Bill Bate was present as a founder, major participant in a recent trip to Seattle for a CAPR national meeting, and Good Old Boy.

Those attending heard from people on a number of land-related issues.

A nice crowd attended.
Mr. Paul Marciniak described again how he and his wife Marjean came to be involved in land use planning. A local group was attacking the property rights of the average person, and he realized that his property would be affected, so he got involved. He stressed the importance of a rational, common sense definition of "high water mark".

Heather Kenny, attorney, was present, but not in her customary long black coat; instead Ms. Kenny wore a short back jacket. It didn’t diminish from the "hired gun" air about the attorney, though rather than being hired, she would be more of a "pro bono gun" since she is offering her time to the group to achieve specific projects.

Ms. Kenny spoke at length to the group, discussing the high water mark or line, several recent actions by High Sierra Rural Alliance against a number of small landowners, and the process by which groups sue the county. She explained details of the permit process, and described strategies that attorneys and others use to achieve goals of land use, or the prevention of land use.

Ms. Kenny spoke of HSRA’s historical behavior in taking money from people to allow them to use their land. Mr. Kenny exercised her legal knowledge and called this practice "extortion" which is what a lot of unlawyers in the county also call it. Ms. Kenny suggested there were measures to prevent this.

After the meeting this reporter tossed a Ritz in the air, but Ms Kenny refused to shoot a hole through the center.


Ms. Kenny. Though she is an attorney, Ms. Kenny’s
eyes do not have an evil glow, that is a result of weird
light, and my great skill as a photographer.


The group heard from Milt Holstom, Robert Eschleman, and Bill Bate on a recent trip to meet with the national board of governors of CAPR. Their presentation had included a discussion from Fred Kelly Grant, who is a land use consultant. His presentation was about the legal necessity for the federal government, meaning for us the Forest Service, to plan with local governments as equal partners. Here is an analysis by Mr. Grant: and the Stewards website:  The group also discussed events in Plumas county. John Olofson from the Plumas County Planning Commission encouraged interested persons to become active in the Plumas County General Plan Update. He said the Planning Department would make information available, and there would be public meetings.

The group will meet again in the not too distant future.



For more information about the Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights go to:

For more information about the Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights go to:

Mission Statement:


To protect and advance property rights for the

citizens of Plumas and Sierra Counties while promoting

healthy economic stability for our unique rural communities.



To guide, assist and monitor decisions of the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors of 
Plumas County and Sierra County.


To participate in the General Plan development of each county.


To monitor and ensure that laws, policies and ordinances

are accurately and equitably applied.




CHAIRMAN, Milt Holstrom    VICE-CHAIR, Robert Eshleman 

  SECRETARY, Johna Berg-Thran    TREASURER, Bruce Bagley    

                                                     MEDIA DIRECTOR, Carol Iman

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