Board Notes 92110

Board Highlights 092210

Department Manager Reports: Van Maddox says that without a state budget we can’t promise to groom snow; the bill for that is $118,000.  The Board agrees.  We think snow should be groomed by people using it.

Staff and the Board agree that implementing the General Plan will be expensive and complicated, but they’ve begun the process and will send the contractor.   The ordinances ahead include those already years in the making: stream setback; flood plain; TPZ.

Sierra Pacific Power Company sent representatives to dazzle the board and many complainers of bad power in the NV Energy area.  A number of dignitaries were present; we didn’t get their names very clearly.  Essentially, the company has a procedure if a consumer feels bad power has blown their appliance.
Supervisor Goicoechea stated that some people feel that the power from SPPCo fluctuates and while surge suppressors can handle the peaks, a long period of too little power can cause premature failure in some uses, including appliances and pumps.
A NVE spokesperson stated that there were a known number of outages, and the reasons were known: owls, falling trees, common reasons for power to go down.  The area is served by a line from Truckee, though an agreement with Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative makes service through the Marble substation possible.  
The spokesperson maintained that the power coming off the grid is as good as it ever was.
This reporter spoke with a person after the meeting who has had access to information regarding NVE power, and that person disagreed that the grid is stable, and said that the biggest problem is for three phase users, because the power has been running high or low on one leg, causing problems for the equipment.  We’re not revealing our source, but we trust them, take it at that.
The spokesperson, in reply to questions from Mr. Goicoechea, stated that the SPI Cogen plant being off line didn’t effect the stability of the grid, but some sources disagree.  It was stated that NVE would be glad to have SPI power, but something was holding that up, he didn’t know what, that wasn’t his department.  

Stan Hardeman visited the board and told of the importance of getting attention to save the Secure Rural Schools bill.  Supervisor Lee Adams stated that RCRC is also working to save the funding.  Read more on the funds, which were intended to offset certain timber losses and improve poor rural communities.

As always, NorCal EMS is in trouble, and likely the state will consolidate Emergency Medical Services districts into 5 throughout the state.  Locally, emergency personnel might lose some “invasive” privileges.  Lee Adams pointed out that the current system seems to favor small counties.

Commander Bruce Carpenter and Sheriff John Evans. 
It looks like they're holding hands, but they're just friends.

The Board entertained Commander Bruce Carpenter, recently appointed to Quincy CHP.  He is happy to be here, and promised to provide good coverage for the East side of the county.  This beat was administratively switched from Truckee to Quincy.  He mentioned that, like everyone else, the California Highway Patrol, the state’s police department, was running out of ready cash.  He also stated that he was down two officers in Portola, and one was out for awhile.  Some residents mentioned that cars go through Sierraville at a high rate of speed, and asked that more officers be stationed there.  After the meeting he was asked about the high rate of complaints from taxpayers about CHP tactics in the area, and about the recent lawsuit, but he just got here and isn’t ready to talk about those complaints.  

Loyalton might need a loan from the County.  The City might need $20,000 to prevent the loss of nearly $500,000.  The City Council is waiting to hear if the state will agree to the situation.  If the City wants to borrow the money, it will be Sandra Leving’s decision on whether to send it.

FEMA is again visiting the county, and it’s important for people to view the maps and attend the meetings to argue for their placement in the flood plain scheme.  

The Board declined to allow SPI to reclaim a bond for sidewalks and whatnot at the SPI business park.  

The Board appointed Sigurd Ostrum to the Fish and Game Commission.  The Board was glad to appoint someone of Mr. Ostrum’s qualifications to monitor wildlife in the county.

The Board recognized Colleen Dotta for many years of loyal service at the transfer station.

The County is again trying to steal old and rusting automobiles which many in the county bank against the inevitable end of civilization as we know it, when a piston for a 1966 Olds F85 Delux will be worth a fortune to the right person.  Director of Scrounging Iron Tim Beals has revealed that the county will have an amnesty period for people to turn in old cars free, provided all the fluids have been drained and they have a pink slip.   For more information, call Mr. Beals on his cell phone at (530) 289-3201.

Everyone complained about the release of a killer in Susanville.

That is all!

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