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Making the most out of the news they gave us

The Sierra County Board of Supervisors

The Sierra County Board of Supervisors met in continued regular session Tuesday, November 16th at 9:00 AM at the Loyalton Hall in Loyalton, California, near the skate park.
Supervisor Lee Adams, representing District 1, was present.
Supervisor Peter Huebner, representing District 2, was present.
Supervisor  Dave “Haystraw” Goicoechea, representing District 4, and in his role as Chairman of the Sierra County Board of Supervisors, was present.
Supervisor Bill Nunes, representing District 3, was present.
Also present was Supervisor Seniorita Pat Whitley, representing District 5 only a few more times before she moves to the Loyalton City Council, where she’ll provide much experience and new drive.
Also present was Scott Schlefstein, Supervisor-Elect representing District 5.  S-E Schlefstein was seen taking careful notes during the meeting, and at one point might have been silently voting, probably just practicing saying “aye”, (a word we don’t use much in every day speech).
A number of Sierra County department heads were present.
Van Maddox, recently re-elected Auditor was present, and worked on his laptop through the meeting.  He may have been internet gambling, no one checked, but probably not, probably worse, he was gambling on getting money from California.
Clerk of the Board and Clerk-Recorder and Registrar of Voters Heather Foster was present, maintaining the organization and general forward movement of the meeting, and standing by with juice and a binky in case any supervisors became cranky.  
County Council Jim Curtis was present.  He was stern and lawyerly most of the time, giving bystanders the idea he was earning his money, whatever it is lawyers do to do that.  
Tim Beals, Director of Planning; Building; Public Works; Public Doesn’t Works; Cracked, Rusty, Broken or Stolen Infrastructure; Thorny Issues; and CPTMGAIWGITT*, was also present.  Unlike the Board Members and Other Staff, Director Beals moved around, sitting up front for awhile, going back to sit by his Cardboard Box of Certainly Important Papers (is there a pint at the bottom of that box?) at times, going potty, standing at the podium, and generally having a hard time staying in one place like the other kids.
Also seated at the front of the room were the two crotchety pillars of the triumvirate of the worded media in Sierra County, Jan Buck, who informs and confuses the county through the Sierra Booster, and Don Russell, whose immense presence anchors the news in the recent past to his chair at the Mountain Messenger Newspaper.  The third triumvir, Your Humble Servant, sat in the back of the room where his constant moving, picking, farting, humming and nervous tics wouldn’t disturb others.
Director of Health and Human Services Dr. Carol Roberts was initially in attendance, but it being clear her participation was not necessary, she left the meeting, probably to go to work.  

There were no flat tires in the parking lot during this meeting.  Once in a while there are.

A handful of other people were present, we can think of them as “extras” or “citizens” and they stayed for the bits that interested them, making sure that representative republicanism answers to those who show up to squeak when necessary.

The Chairperson led the room in the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Of America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, according to Francis Scott Key.   Mountain Mess Editor Russell was outside at the time, saving him from refusing to stand and place his hand over his heart to “pray”.  
After the Pledge, the Board did housework, having Miss Foster take roll even though everyone could clearly see everyone else, and agreeing on this or that in the agenda.  It’s a little moment the Board takes to remind themselves that they’re in charge here.

The Chairperson invited comment from the public but cautioned that The Board wouldn’t be able to take any action on anything anyone said, so hopefully no one is trying to tell them the building is on fire at this particular time.  

The Committee reports included some reports from committees.  To the audience it sounded like a flurry of acronyms; everyone was comforted that our representatives are attending the correct number of meetings.

Department Managers’ reports resulted in some reports from department managers.  Everyone was satisfied that the department heads are heading their departments.
Department Head Beals reported that the county is spending all the state money possible. Everyone was pleased.  
He also promised a possible report to the Water Committee about his findings at Independence Lake.  Long time readers will remember that Independence Lake is the cold windy lake between Sierra and Nevada Counties where some old timey troll fishermen are struggling to continue to use the Lake they know and love.  A huge group of latte drinkers sweet talked some public funds to purchase the land to “protect, love, honor and other activities of doing good”. The water belongs to someone in Nevada, the land under the lake and the fish in it belong to the Sultan Sacramento, but the land around the lake is now in public “stewardship” meaning country cousins aren’t welcome.  However, there are county roads leading to the lake, so perhaps down the road The Nature Conservancy will allow people to drive down to the lake and look, and turn around and leave, but not get out.  Roadmaster Beals promised to create a report for the Board from the report he’d create for the Water Committee, and so the board and public were was asked to hold their water, questions until later.  

Quentin Youngblood reported from the United States Department of Agriculture, United States Forest Service, Tahoe National Forest, Sierraville Ranger Station about planned work in the local woods, and how winter snow is likely to effect that.

Under Planning Building Inspection, Director of Flaming Bags of General Plan Issues Tim Beals reported to the Board that things were progressing nicely in the County’s effort to implement the General Plan.  The streamside Ordinances are the first to undergo revision and they are on the table and proceeding nicely.  
The Diamond L parcel was discussed again.  It might seem a minor issue (because it is) but it has implications not only for those who own land at the tiny, ancient development, but for anyone wanting to use land in the Lakes Basin.  That zoning project is moving to a place in the procession of changes needed.
The Planning Commission was mentioned, since it plays an important role in planning and land use in the county.  Two members are at the end of their terms, and it is not certain if they will reapply.  A brief discussion was held and it was determined that the vacancies would be advertised and applicants sought, even though it is hoped the two members might reapply.  Director of Political Doom Tim Beals begged the Board to select commissioners according to their qualifications, and not to politicize the Planning Commission by requiring a commissioner for each supervisorial district.  The Board hadn’t thought about that, and they then thought about it, which might not be good.  Still, they agreed in principle not to name people from every district, but to try to name everyone from their own district if possible.  Or something.
The discussion of progress on the General Plan was summed up by General Beals, who waived his riding crop, clamped his teeth on his pipe and said, “We’re on target, within budget.”  

The Board heard, waived around, and approved (c) 3.08.070 and (t) and (j) 3.09020.

When the board came to appointments they went so fast it was like they were speaking Chinese.  When a citizen steps forward to lift the mantle of public service, meaning take care of minutiae for free, provided the smell of alcohol isn’t too fresh, they’re gratefully inducted.  
These brave citizens have stepped forward to place their free time on the line:
Derek Cooper to the Children and Families Commission, (First 5).
Charles Gundeid to the Sierra County (Calpine) Waterworks District #1.
Barbara Butterfield to the Plumas-Sierra Fair Board.

Before you could say “Bob’s yeroncle” the meeting adjourned to closed session.  Everyone went outside while the Supervisors passed the jug or did whatever they do, and it was a “nice morning,” someone said, and sure enough, it was one of the shortest meetings in recent times, and people where cheery, and started talking about everyday things like kids with drug problems and internal complaints when Council Curtis stepped out and called Tim Beals in.  He also gestured at the press, saying, “you two might want to stick around”.  The press has long experience with Mr. Curtis, and sometimes he says that just to keep us around because he has to stay around, but no, the long minutes passed by and when he finally came out again, he had a statement to read into the record.  It was a doozy.

High Sierra Rural Alliance, who for a time threatened the county with breath crushing legal action has settled their court case with a stipulation that the county do the work it needs to on the General Plan.  

If that is the case, this is a victory for everyone involved.  

We could write more on that here, but the news is thin as the runs, so we’ll develop it into a separate story, Here.
* CPTMGAIWGITT is “Crappy Problems That Might Go Away If We Give It To Tim”.
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