Board Highlights 081710

Board Highlights and Lowlights 081710

The Sierra County Board of Supervisors met in continued regular session on Tuesday, 17 August 2010.  Here are the highlights:

Pat Whitley announced that, though preliminary tests had been 99% certain for lung cancer, the prayers of hundreds of supporters on both sides of the county and across the U.S. were answered, and a biopsy revealed no cancer.  Ms. Whitley thanks those who prayed for her.  She firmly believes the prayers saved her, and we doubt anyone can prove otherwise.  Good Luck, Seniorita Whitley!  Rumor has it Ms. Whitley will run for the Loyalton City Council on retiring from the BOS.  The Board’s loss is Loyalton’s gain.

The Friends of Independence Lake appeared to thank the Board for hearing complaints about TNC at IL.

The State is trying to, among other things, redraw Emergency Medical Services boundaries, which will leave us without our current support.

There might be firewood for the taking on Packer Lake Road; we tried to confirm with the Yuba District but couldn’t.  

Boy Scouts, Troop 250 from Sacramento, came to watch democracy in action.  This activity helped toward merit badges in civics and communication.  Glenn Shironaka (top row, right) said the SC Board meetings were just like the ones in Sacramento, except everything is a lot smaller.  We’re guessing the boredom factor is about the same. 

Director of Slaves and Prisoners Tim Beals offered some inexpensive labor to the U.S. F.S. to help bring biomass down from Loyalton Pines.  It turns out the Feds make new prisoners every day.  His intention was to provide the Sierra Pacific Industries Loyalton cogen power plant with Sierra county grown biomass.  Unfortunately a rumor has it that NV Energy and SPI are again at it over rates, so the Loyalton Plant may shut down again, perhaps this year.  Only a rumor. 

Director of Spoiling Fun Tim Beals, reacting to complaints from the community, or more likely a paid snitch, put before the board an ordinance requiring free standing, above ground swimming pools deeper than 24 inches to have security fences.  This is to prevent a child from drowning.  It is also to prevent dozens of children from having fun at all.  The cost of security fencing could easily exceed the cost of the pool.  Mr. Beals acknowledges that, and insists he has no grudge against splashing kids or brightly colored vinyl float toys, nor against watery fun in general, but if a kid drowns and the county doesn’t have laws in place to meet state laws, it could be terrible.  Or, maybe “if a kid drowns because we don’t have safety ordinances in place it would be terrible.”  Probably both.  

Though thousands are out of work and most cities see hundreds of home foreclosures every day, somebody thinks what matters now is a bike trail from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid lake.  We imagine hundreds of unemployed biking from Tahoe to Pyramid lake, for some reason.  All that is clear is that a group of people with abnormally large, Popeye style calves want everyone to help them get their wheels wet.

The solid waste report is out, and it’s going to be on the County website soon.

That is all...
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