Auditor/Treasurer Survey

Survey Gone Wild 070611

We put up our survey on the proposal which would roll the offices of Auditor and Treasurer Tax Collector into one office. 

Checking frequently, we noticed a pattern: 1 for; 4 against.  3 for; 14 against.  5 for, 24 against.
Then, when we checked Tuesday evening it had jumped to 48 for, 25 against.

We set the survey up so one computer could provide more than one answer.  Our rationale is that two or more people might share a computer and all might want to vote.

But we think someone might have played on this liberty to fluff the numbers.  Had the pattern been altered or even broadly distorted, that might make sense, but where did 43 "yes" votes come from with only one "no" vote?  Not the way a survey typically gathers responses.

We harken back to the proud day when dozens of volunteers swamped a website to win a cool graduation for a local high school.  Likely, someone is putting those same skills to work here.

We anticipated the interest level in the community would garner about 60-75 votes.  The survey now stands at 103 visits but only 80 completed.   Currently the numbers are 54 yes, roll them together, and 36 no, don't.

The survey has lost it's original purpose, back when we assumed everyone would vote only once.  However, just in case that many people did individually vote "yes" we'll not throw the survey away.

Instead, we'll turn it in to another prom night.  Vote as many times as you like!

The survey is HERE
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